Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, with the apron. It's super cute!! I'm even thinking of keeping it for myself. ;)
Partner! You're going to love it!
I need to do my tuck ins. I have one of them.
My word is
O- any ideas for this one? It's the only one I'm really struggling with!

It's going in the mail today right after I hit the store for those last little tuck ins! YAY!!


  1. Definitely check the tuck ideas from the past posts. A lot of them have words that have O's in them. I did oven mitt for my O but you could do an ornament. I picked one up as a decoration at JoAnn's. It was wood and it cost like 89 cents. Then I bought a paint sharpie for like $1.50 and wrote my partners name, 2010, and Merry Christmas on it. It turned out very cute.

    Hope those help

  2. A chocolate Orange would be delicious! Or, like Amy said, ornaments are perfect with so many possiblities for making them yourself (felt is cute) or buying them. Have fun!

  3. How about Oatmeal cookie recipe or an Owl Ornament.

  4. Or how about just the Oatmeal Cookies!! LOL !!! Can you tell I am hungry?

    Does anyone think it is ok to ship out early if I am done. Waiting to ship after Nov 27th means I can't ship out until Monday the 29th. I want my partner to get this package so she can use it!!!


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!