Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I Love My Boyfriend


I couldn't believe it. The gears wouldn't turn. All it did was make this horrible dead car battery sound. You know the one.  I tried all night and this morning to no avail. I thought I'd have to either drop out or shell out some big bucks for a new machine!

I was on the verge of tears when I called my boyfriend to come take a look at it. He doesn't always work from home so I was lucky today was one of those days. He works with computers, computer genius actually, and I thought maybe he could take a look at it before I cry my way over to Joanns for a new one.

He started touching buttons, taking the side off, the belt out, the top off and the bobbin out. There it lay in pieces on my work bench, my heart in pieces with it. After a few seconds of pulling it apart he said "Oh I know why, okay, here we go" like he always does when hes figured something out. He grabbed the top part of the sewing machine and DRILLED INTO IT... with the drill press! Haha I remained calm cause I trust him... sorta. He's never sewn before or taken a good look at a machine before now but he's very smart.

A few screws put back and VIOLA! IT WORKS!!! Crisis averted!

And this is why I love my boyfriend!

P.s. Here's what I was working on while my boyfriend breathed life into my sewing machine:

So each tuck in will have a sweet little tag on it with the corresponding letter! Cute huh?

Phew! I need a margarita!


  1. It sounds like you need more than one!!! and you boyfriend needs a huge kiss!! I know how that must of felt. I am glad you are up and running. and the little tags are sooooo cute!!

  2. Oh my...I was sooo nervous FOR you!!! I was hoping you didn't have to shell out $$$ at this time of year for a new machine.....unless it was from SANTA!!! Good to hear your boyfriend got it working and I LOVE the snowflakes as tags!!!

  3. Lovely snowflake tags. So glad it all worked out for you and your sewing machine.

  4. OMG! He's definitely a keeper! Anyone who can fix your sewing machine...well, you just need to keep him around :-)

  5. ya for handy boyfriends!1 I love the snow flakes..

  6. Ooo making letter tags is a great idea! I like your thinkin' :)


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