Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mailed, But a LIttle Late

I mailed my package today and since this is my first swap, I mailed it to Shawnee who will then forward it to my partner.  The only problem is, that while I was re-reading the directions at the post office today, I noticed that I was supposed to mail it so that it got to Shawnee by the 24th, not mail by the 24th.  I apologize for not getting it out on time, and hopefully this won't be a major issue as I had a great time making this apron, and am looking forward to more swaps.  I hope my partner enjoys everything in the package.  I had a lot of fun comig up with my word (angel) and figuring out what tuck-ins to include!

I can't wait to hear when my partner gets her package and I can't wait to get mine!



  1. I did the exact same thing! I hope mine gets there on time.

  2. Oh I'm sure you girls will be just fine..first time I swapped I mailed mine to shawnee but put the recipients address..it ended up coming back to me, oh what a mess..we got it figured out..talk about reading the directions wrong..AACK!


  3. Things happen! One time I did a swap and did everything right and the post office mailed it back to me, despite the TO: being very visible (and in their location as I used one of their boxes).


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