Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FINISHED! And shipping out early!

If I may just tap myself on the back here real quick...*tap tap tap*


I've never EVER cranked out so many finished products on the sewing machine in my life. Aside from my costume pinafore, which was not meant to last, this is my first experience with sewing handmade gifts. I made two of the four tuck-ins, one to match the apron and one to match my partners collection *wink wink*

I won't spoil the surprise by showing the tuck-ins cause if my partner takes on look at them she'll know exactly who it's for!

But I can show you all my finished apron, modeled by my lovely work bench chair. Please ignore the disaster that is our garage. I just moved in! (And I'll continue to hold that excuse for the next few...m...years.) hehe

It is reversible with an empire waist wrap. A friend described it as being something a drunk christmas elf threw up. It is quite loud and festive but I LOVE IT! It has three different fabrics and a ribbon accent. And a pocket. So take that naysayers!

If i could, I would make an identical one for myself. But believe you me enough blood, sweat, and tears went into this one that it's gonna be awhile before I attempt another. It's harder than I thought! Doesn't help when you have a temperamental sewing machine. So...

Dear Santa,
      I want a new sewing machine. Not another hand me down.
Love, Amy

P.s. Santa, I also want to see more finished aprons so I can marvel at the ease in which others crank these things out!


  1. Oh Amy .. it's just precious! I spotted some snowmen on it .. I adore snowmen! Yes, there are such adorable aprons out there. I think we need to have an apron retreat sometime and sew aprons all weekend then swap! How about it Shawnee?? I'll volunteer my house!
    Oh .. tell Santa to bring me a new sewing machine too .. one that will embrodery. Mine is 26 years old and barely works! I've been a very good gurl!

  2. The apron is beautiful! I hope Santa brings you what you want!!

  3. Sew cute love your fabric choice.. The snowmen really make the apron fun!

  4. I love the apron!!! And I totally second that letter to Santa. Someday...I want a new sewing machine. Well, I want one now, but maybe someday I'll get one :) Your apron looks awesome!

  5. I love the apron too! Its very festive! I hope that you get a new one for Christmas!
    From one your newest followers! ~

  6. I meant to say in my comment above..
    ( I hope that you get a new Sewing Machine for Christmas )

  7. Great job! I'm sure your partner will love it. Now I really need to get started on my apron.

    I've been stressing too much about my tuck ins! I keep on coming up with ideas for them but then can't come up with the right words for the letters.

  8. I must add a comment about the new machine that replaced my 35 year old machine. I love it, but the"old girl" that lives in my head finds it complicated to learn the new tricks. BUT IT IS WONDERFUL!

  9. Everyone is so darn NICE! Thanks for the encouragements everyone!!

    Tealovinglady, have you thought of using adjectives? Taking the tuck in ideas you already have and placing adjectives to it. For example "Sensational" "Seasonal" "Charming" "Lovely" "Festive." I mean, I used "New" for my N in SNOW! It's cheating kinda but it worked. Hope thats helps.

    Again, thanks for all the love! I'm hoping Santa is hearing all your prayers for me hehe

  10. I hope Santa is listen to your wishes too!! You made a Fab apron that you can be proud of. It would look great being used in my kitchen or hanging around in my kitchen on a hook to make "Wall Art"!!!

  11. Beautiful job, Amy! I can't believe that's your first apron. Awesome! Adding my wished to the others for a new machine for you!!

  12. Great apron. I hope you Santa gets your letter and you get your wish!

  13. adorable apron very festive, its so nice to create and give to someone else who will appreciate your hard work. hope santa reads your wish list :) Ashley

  14. Temperamental sewing machine memorial service.


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