Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Question for the Oregon ladies

I hope that it's okay that I post my question here... if not, please delete, no hard feelings! I am going to be in the Albany and Portland areas this weekend and I have heard that Fabric Depot in Portland is the place to go for everything fabric and sewing related. Anyone have any experience there? Is it really that great? In my area of California we mostly have Joann's and Beverly's. Am I going to be in Fabric Paradise and Sewing Heaven?? Please say it is so. My husband has promised me a few hours of shopping there alone, without he or our toddler distracting or rushing me. Are there any other recommendations??
Thanks so much for any suggestions or opinions you may have!


  1. Fabric Depot is a MUST and I promise you will not be disappointed...except when you go back home and realize there isn't one where you live! Its my second home;)

  2. I don't live in Oregon, but my aunt does, and she is huge into quilting. When my mom went to visit her a few months ago, they went to the Fabric Depot. That is how awesome it is....so GO!!!

  3. It is the BEST store to wander through .... bring lots of money and wear comfy shoes!!

    You'll be in my neck of the woods. Let me know when you're here, maybe we can meet for coffee/tea!


  4. That sounds like fun! We are leaving tonight around 9 pm and driving all night so we should be in Oregon early in the morning. Perhaps Monday??


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