Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bon Voyage, my reveal and HUGE kudos...

here is the FULL view of the apron! i've yet to reveal myself to my recipient: sara w. in newport beach, CA. sara, i hope you liked the apron and goodies that were sent. sara's dream vacation was to go on a cruise to mexico or hawaii. her favorite colors were blues/greens. i wanted something tropical to cheer her on towards her dream vacation.

because of time constraints and a family emergency, i chose to use a FANTASTIC etsy designer to live up to my promise in this swap. her name is: momomadeit and you can shop her fabulous designs here: momo's retro fashions but be warned, you will LOVE her designs and will be wanting more than one of her aprons. momomadeit was VERY nice to work with. she answered my emails immediately and worked with me on making sure that the project was done in a timely manner and exactly what i wanted. i'm still new to etsy but having an experience like the one i had with her will make me a regular customer of hers. cheers to you momomadeit and HUGE hugs!

someone inquired about the fabric's name, it is called: "sole".

HUGE thanks to shawnee for organizing this swap. i am sympathetic to the details of organizing and i know that organizing these types of things can be a lot of work, way to go shawnee!

i'm off to start some sewing projects of my own, the fabric is drying as i write this. happy sewing and have a great week everyone!

cheers to aprons,
rachel carlson


  1. That's adorable. I'm jealous jk. I thought that apron was coming my way. Hawaii was on my list of vacations too, and that is so perfect. Your partner will love it. Great job.

  2. what a terrific apron! so gorgeous!


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