Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Sherry!!

I just picked up my box from Sherry at the PO tonight. I am shocked and humbled at how gorgeous my apron package is! My dream vacation was an all-expense shopping trip to New York City ... taxis, high heels, coach bags, a luxury hotel suite and a makeover. Here's a picture I swiped from her blog until I can post my own. Check it out:

She went so above and beyond -- I truly adore everything. My hubby was laughing because I kept squealing more and more, higher and higher. The gloves are perfect --- I didn't have ONE PAIR of embellished ones because I always give them away. The apron looks just like a fancy, fancy spa robe and the ruffles with rhinestone buttons are perfect (close up on Sherry's blog). It fits, too! The bag is the perfect crowning glory!! I love the fluff and the bling, the shape is perfect and, and I'm just so happy. Even my card is amazing. Thank you, Sherry. You've made all the hard work of these swaps worth it.

Bless you!


  1. how fabulous is that! Everything is amazing!!!!

  2. This apron Rocks!!!!! Sheri your wor is always so fun to see..


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