Friday, September 12, 2008

bon voyage...

WELL, life and a family emergency held me back from sewing it on my own but i had a FABULOUS etsy designer (momomadeit) do this apron for my swap recipient. i wanted to keep my promise to the swap and this was the only way i saw possible. i don't want to show too much of it but i'm sure with this view it will give it away anyway. the designer shipped it off on sept. 10th and signed it ANON until i could reveal my identity. this is so exciting!

i'm off to enjoy my 40th birthday today - GULP!

cheers to aprons and happy weekend...


  1. This fabric is so pretty! happy 40th by the way! Melinda

  2. Ha! My husband's fortieth was yesterday.
    Cute apron!

  3. Happy birthday. the fabric is gorgeous. what fabric is it? do you know or would I have to contact her? It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Beautiful apron....Happy belated Birthday!

  5. It looks amazing from the back. Are you going to post an image from the front after you send it?


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