Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My apron package was delivered to my partner today. Here are the photos I took. I already put them on Flickr. My partner wanted to visit Italy, Ireland and Scotland. That was the easy choice, the alternative was to travel back in time....

So, you can see I went with Italy in the full apron and didn't want to leave out the United Kingdom so I made a separate half-apron out of the tartan plaid. The goodies pictured are a jigsaw puzzle of a scene in Italy, some Scottish shortbread cookies, some recipes from my grocery store which just happened to be for Italina dishes, a packet of tea (not in the photo) and some handwritten recipes of my own that our family loves. I also included some travel brochures so she can keep dreaming about her fantasy vacation. I hope she likes it.


  1. Two aprons?! Over achiever! ;) They turned out amazing! What a great package!

  2. The fabric for the Italy vacation apron is the exact fabric I was looking for to make the apron for my partner, but I could not find it! Lucky you! I really like both aprons.

  3. Wow what a luky partner you had!!
    Tht package is amazeing..


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