Friday, September 19, 2008

Seaside Apron

I'm Carol Lewis and this is my apron that is blue for the ocean.  The theme is Martha's Vineyard.  There is a white picket fence on the pocket and butterflies.  It says I love spending summertime in the cool island of Martha's Vineyard where the days are lazy and pleasant.  If I were there I would put on my apron and make some Coconut Bread Pudding with the recipe that I got.  

I also got some very nice smelling Wallflowers Fragrance Bulbs to give me the scent of clean cotton linens drying on the line and black raspberry scented ones as well to bring the smell of wild raspberries to me.

After making my bread while enjoying the WallFlower Fragrances I will sit on the porch swing and write a thank you note to my apron swap friend on my new note cards with my initial on them.

That's my fantasy vacation that I received.  Thank you Laura Brant.

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