Monday, September 15, 2008

CONTEST #2 - Alice in Stitches STICKY POST

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I am very excited to announce our next contest - a yard of fabric of winner's choice from Alice in Stitches!! Everyone who mails on time and sends me delivery confirmation will be entered once. You get ONE EXTRA entry by visiting Alice's site and posting comments on this post about which of her fabrics are your favorite, what do you like best about the site and what you would like to see offered. You will earn A SECOND EXTRA entry by posting this contest on your blog and linking to this post/posting your link in comments.

Our sponsor is:

Alice in Stitches
specializes in treasures for the needle arts connoisseur. You'll find unique fabrics, supplies, patterns and yarns for quilting, knitting and needlework.
Explore your inner artist through needle crafts!

If you've poked around my flickr page, you might have noticed the two aprons I've made from a very hard to find vintage pin-up girls fabric in a Halloween pattern called "Bewitched", here and here. (I'm hoarding the last little bit of fabric for myself!) I purchased that adorable fabric from Alice, she made the transaction so smooth and it arrived in record time. She has A LOT of beautiful fabric - I don't envy the winner selecting their favorite!

Three entries are easy: mail on time and send me delivery confirmation number; visit Alice's site and answer the questions above; and post this contest entry on your blog and tell us you did it!!

So, post your comments quick! Entries will be accepted through the 15th which is also your deadline to mail packages! Contest is open to everyone!!


  1. Hi there
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's great to meet you.
    I have never heard of apron swaps before, I guess we don't have that here in the UK yet!
    The material you use is wonderful.
    With regards to sites in the UK, I love to visit:
    there are some more listed on my side bar under "Places I like to hang out"


  2. Oh My, I love the uniqueness of the fabric that I have never seen anywhere else. I love the Aboriginal Light House & the Stella Black Mosaic Star fabric! Wow!
    Once again Shawnee you have outdone yourself offering us up another chance to get a treat! I will post this on my blog(s).


  3. Wow, there is so much on her site!! I love the Indonesian Elephant fabric (I'm into Indian elephants right now..) Love the gift/collectible/holiday section too. The sheep pins are adorable!

  4. How do you pick just one? They are all so wonderful! I guess my favorite might be the Kaffe Fassett Targets Contrast Graphic Circle.

  5. my goodness she has a lot of stuff! I liked a lot of the fabric ... but I'm partial to the michael miller and alexander henry fabric, esp the dancing elephants. I also liked the wizard of oz fabric.

  6. love the flamingos on motorcycles. my mom would get a kick out of it.

  7. I love the christmas pin up girls by Alexander Henry! It is fantabulous......Melinda

  8. What a great site. I really like Alexander Henry's Viceroy Lattice Decorator Cotton Fabric. I liked that she offers a lot of variety. I would like to see more Free Spirit fabrics. I posted this on my blog- PS- I had so much fun with this swap! Can't wait till the next one, hope it's soon!

  9. She has wonderfull site, easy to navigate and "sew" many fabrics to choose from. I like anything Michael Miller and Alexander Henry, but the one I like the most on her site is the Holiday Rider Cowboy Christmas by Alexander Henery, I've been looking for something western for Christmas, I'm making all my grandkids Christmas themed quilts and my one grandson needs somethings with cowboys. If I don't win I'll be back to her site to buy it that's for sure! I don't see anything there is she needs to add I think she has it all covered.

  10. Oh What a great site! I saved her to my favorites. I'm a knitter and was very excited to see her knitting category. I also really like to work with wool felt and it can be hard to find in quilting shops so am excited for that as well. I think my favorite fabric that she has listed right now is "Children By the Seashore" ~ adorable!

  11. My favorite fabric is the Alexander Henry Cowboy Kids Tumbleweed Tots Fabric. I love the wonderful selection of fabric they carry. The Alice in Stitches site is very easy to navigate. I'd like to see more Western (cowboy) fabric sold. I'm always on the look out for that type of fabric. :D

  12. I really like her site - except that the banner is too large for my liking. I have to scroll down a whole screen to start seeing any of my results. The fabric I like the best is the Alexander Henry Sukiyaki Blossom Black Asian Fabric. I'd like to see more sewing room furniture / storage. Really - storage.

  13. I love the Michael Miller retro apples. And the cherries. I think I have a fruit thing!
    The site is so easy to navigate ... what a treat!
    Alice already offers all my favorite fabrics, so I really can't think of anything to add.

  14. I looked at a lot of the selections Alice in Stiches has and I would like to see more patriotic, red/white/blue prints and more stripes and polka dot prints. I like the Urban Farm Keri Beyer Flower In The Beginning Fabric. I might choose that for my prize if I win. Thanks, and I'll be getting you the confirmation number later on Monday. Kathy
    bigfamily8 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. I personally fell in love with"Kona Bay Emperor Mt Fuji Ocean Black Grey Asian Fabric" when I saw it. It reminds me of when I lived in Japan as a child. Ahh. . . the memories. : )

  16. I have never been to Alice in Stitches before, but I am glad I have stopped by now! I love how she gives you information and explains the how and why behind it. There are so many great ideas there. I cant think of much else I would like to see on there. It is a great combination of projects, ideas, and information. My favorite fabric is the Postal Travel Italy Green Art Gallery Quilt Fabric. I can see it making a great quilt or an amazing skirt! It is so beautiful and whimsy.

  17. I also agree with so many of the other comments that her unqiue fabrics are something that I love to see. Some of my favorites are the Retro Flower Collection Art Gallery as well as the Hoffman Shanghai collection. It's nice to see so many options that are not available every where else. I can't really think of anything else to add.

  18. Wow! There are a lot to choose from. I liked the Michael Miller Retro Red Pink Apple Dot Fruit Fabric Yd.


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