Monday, September 29, 2008

I Received the Perfect Apron for Me!!

I received this beautiful apron from Montserrat (or Cocoa as most people probably know her) the other day. My vacation that I didn't get to go on was back home to Kansas. Cocoa picked my favorite color combination yellow with pink roses and the beautiful blue is suppose to be like the Kansas sky. I think the blue just makes the whol thing pop! I really like this apron and it is so perfect for me!!
Cocoa also sent a calender, cowboy notecards that she mad, a recipe for her homemade honey wheat bread, 2 beautiful closeup photos of sunflowers that she took and a huge bag of beef jerky. It was a wonderful package and I can't thank Cocoa enough!!!


  1. Beautiful apron! I can definately see the Kansas sky in that blue.


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