Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coming to the end of this trip

Hi ladies,

We heading into the last leg of our little summer vacation getaway! Please remember that you agreed when signing up to email me more two times as this little trip comes to an end:
  • When you mail your package. You agree to send in your delivery confirmation number (posting this on the blog isn't enough, since I don't have a way to track the package if need be).
  • When you receive your package. Just cc me on your thank you note to your partner and kill two birds with one stone. If your partner forgot to reveal themselves or give you an email address, post your thanks here on the blog or send me the note to forward.
I've only heard from about 25 of you that you've mailed, which leaves over 75% to get to the post office tomorrow! You're making me nervous!!

Please enter our current contest by visiting Alice's shop and leaving comments on the blog post. She was kind enough to donate a prize and I want to show our appreciation by taking the time provide feedback. You won't be sorry - her merchandise is to DIE for.

Lastly, I have just started a Flickr Group for all your photos. Any apron posted there will have the opportunity to be in our last contest for Best Interpretation of the Dream Vacation.


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Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!