Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got my apron!

I was so excited to find I had a package to pick up at the post office on Tuesday. It was filled with wonderful goodies from my swap partner. Here they are:In my questionnaire I said I'd love to spend my vacation visiting among the Amish. I love their simple, self-sustaining lifestyle. My swap partner decided to make the Gathering Apron, which we love using at our house, because it reminded her of the long Amish aprons. We use these for collecting our chickens' eggs and gathering veggies from the garden. My partner chose material based on my love of chocolate (see my blog name) thus combining both themes, chocolate and Amish. She also sent a wonderful Amish cookbook, some homemade soap bits, beeswax candles, a market tote bag, and some locally (to her) made chocolate that is delicious.

Thank you, D!!

P.S. I have all the material and the pattern for my swap assignment. I just need to finish sewing it! The colors are yellow with some blue accents and hopefully will remind my partner of Kansas. :)


  1. I love the colors! What a fun vacation that would be~

  2. That's fantastic!! Lucky girl! I love gathering aprons.. now if I only had something to gather :)

  3. What a wonderful package.....

  4. That's so great, an apron styled after your request made from sweets as a nod to your blog name!

  5. oh my, my mouth is watering over this one!


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