Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holly-day Apron

Oh my goodness!  Isn't this the most beautiful apron ever?? 
I was home sick this week with the flu, crashed out on the couch, when I heard our mail lady at the door.  Though in a Thera-Flu induced fog, I was still very very excited to tear into my package from none other than the fabulous Jenn-Sue Wild!!
Thank you, Jenn.  I adore this apron.  The fabric you chose is fantastic and I really love the light pink rick-rack it's trimmed with.  Today this apron and I are making Christmas cookies and bread to go into my final Christmas packages that need to go out.  Yeah!!
Even though I haven't figured out what the theme word was, Jenn's tuck-in's were a delight as well.
A birch bark candle
A gorgeous glass Santa ornament
A bagged Emergency Spring tin with soil and seeds (how fun is that ??)
A great Christmas tree photo frame
A felt star ornament
Christmas Jars book (Home sick with the flu gave me time to already read this.  It was wonderful!)

Thank you, Jenn-Sue Wild, I love it all!

Wishing all you swappers a very Merry Christmas, from our Christmas house to yours!



  1. Beautiful apron and great tuck ins!

  2. Love the apron, gonna have to try that style soon!

  3. So nice! I love this style apron! Great package!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


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