Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Less Stress is Good

I am so happy to have both packages in the hands of UPS and USPS cogs.  I must say the post office attracts the most crazies.  A woman in line made a scene and asked for the manager while demanding someone come off their break to wait on her.  I would absolutely never do that.  I wonder if she has ever worked in costumer service.  I wish I had a video camera sometimes.
Boxed and ready to go for a very whimsical gal who keeps a smile on her face despite the pain she is in.
Boxed and ready to go for a trip across the ocean.  Yes girls, I had to purchase a plan ticket for this one!

It is time to focus on family and getting ready for the big dinner at my house Christmas Eve.   I am feeling less stressed as of today!  Merry Christmas to everyone.
Kat F.


  1. is that for meeeeee? just kidding. I love it (and I love the polka dot wrapping...I used to have that stuff)

  2. Wow, you did two packages? Awesome! Love that whimsical polka-dotted wrapping. So cheerful~


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