Monday, December 13, 2010

Show and Tell

And now, be prepared for cuteness as I share a proper post on the wonderful apron package I received last week from Kat. Here's a part of my thank you to Kat...

"Dear Kat,

When my husband came through the door at 5:00 tonight, he was carrying a box that he found on the steps. Was it?.... Could it be?... my apron swap??? A peek at the return address...that name is familiar. It must be my apron package. I had to set it aside for a few minutes before opening, so I could greet my hubby.

OK, that's long enough, where are the scissors? Cut the tape, fling out the tissue and oooh and ahhh over the adorable box full of goodies just for me. Open the card first. Kat! it's you, my fruitcake buddy. What had Kat posted on the blog?... I couldn't remember, so it was all a surprise when I opened it. My son was drooling over the box of gifts, so I let him unwrap two of the tuck-ins. That made him happy. My hubby was sitting at the table rolling his eyes at my excitement as I gushed over every bit of what you sent, from the candy cane ribbon and dotty paper to the incredible apron that I saved to open last."

Here's a photo I snapped of the aftermath of the package opening.
Kat used the word NOEL.
N- Nesting Santas, very cute!
O- Original Balsam Fir Candle, made by Kat
E- Edible ornament, sugar house matches my apron.
L- Lovingly made button tree, made by Kat.
Plus snowflake ornaments tied to each package. All of it just adorable!

I wore my apron today while making jelly that will go in gift baskets for family and friends. And even though I hate pictures of myself, I asked my son to take a fun photo of me modeling my apron. Kat really did an incredible job from the design and fabrics to the finished seams. So many wonderful details!

Kat sure did spoil me with this wonderful swap package.


  1. love the cut of that apron! Show the back!
    Total cuteness and I want that pattern!

  2. I love that apron! What an awesome package~

  3. Linda you look so beautiful. It fits you perfectly!


  4. Terrific package and apron!And it does fit you perfectly!!! Happy cooking!!


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