Thursday, December 9, 2010


Those words describe my package to a tee!  What a joy to get all these tuck ins.  And the snow men tags she used for my gifts I am going to reuse them for my gift giving.
First the tuck-ins -- then I show my beautiful apron.

J       jelly beans
O     ornmant
Y     a yo-yo maker kit (this is so great, can't wait to use it)

S      scissor/sewing caddy
N    note cards
O   ornament
W  wrist pin cushion

All the tuck-ins are absolutely terrific. I love them.

Now, the apron. I love the fabric with the Christmas trees, poinsettas, polka dots, and of course snowflakes..
And the pattern is adorable with the gathered top and ruffled bottom.

Thank you Donna.  You made me a great package.


  1. Gin that is a really sweet pattern! Great tuck-ins too! I was your Christmas partner last year, wow has it been a year already?
    Kat F

  2. yes, Kat, I remember. In fact while loading the pictures for this post, I was looking at my Christmas apron pictures from you. It was a lovely apron with the applique nativity scene and that great shining star.

  3. I LOVE that apron. the style, the fabric...everything!

  4. The pattern was a free one you can download from Joann Fabrics website. I believe it was called the Josephine. The instructions weren't great but it was pretty easy to figure out.

    I'm glad you liked everything as I enjoyed making the apron and the tuck-ins for you. I fell in love with the fabric. After finishing your apron I went back to get more, so I could make me one, and of course they only had 1 of the 3 fabrics.

    I should just know to get enough fabric for 2 aprons each time cause I always fall in love with the one that I make and don't want to give them away after i get them finished.


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