Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally My apron has arrived.

Posting for Donnely
After a series of adventures I was finally able to retrieve my swap box from Mindi.
My sister recently moved out (long story) she did her change of address, and very effectively stopped all my mail in the process, did not notice right away, just thought I was not getting much mail. But did know I was waiting on a couple of packages. Long story short it will be more than a month to get it straightened and some mail I will never get. Sister was able to get this package for me today. So thank you for being patience with me. Mindi, I would have acknowledged sooner but could not get the package.

Thank you Mindi for the adorable apron, it is perfect I love full aprons. Your work is
Thank you also for the
Resin Santa, he is very large!
the little green notebook
the Christmas/Santa hand towels
the sweet little start ornament bell
the most delightful cat ornament (I will keep him out all year)
and the pine cones!

Thank you once again, May your holidays be filled with love. laughter
family and friends.



  1. Thank you Jen for posting for me, somewhere my invite for the blog is lurking.. Thank you once again Mindi for a delightful package and Shawnee for hosting this swap.
    Now curious minds would like to know where is the pattern for the cat ornament??? Mindi if you designed it, you need to sell it! Good luck on the arm!

  2. Wow, Very nice package!! Hope you get all your mail soon!!

    Season's Greetings to all!!

  3. Hey y'all. Thanks for the nice comments. I actually bought the cat ornament several years ago and LOVE him. This year I finally decided to make my own. So your's is an adaptation of the original. I was wondering what happened to your package. I could track its travels and was wondering what was going on. So, glad it finally arrived and hope your mail catches up with you.
    Mindy in Central Fla.


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