Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SnowFlakes & Aprons.....

Whose a Blond? I'm a Blond! No really, I am!!! lol!

So, I am in 2 different Holiday Apron swaps....needless to say, I used the same pattern for both aprons, just different printed fabric....both secrete swap partners just happen to live in Missouri...and I forgot to label which apron went where! dooh!
But at least the "Tuck-in's" were!
I couldn't decide on STAR or SANTA for the Tuck-ins...but she can have fun making up her mind which word I was working on.
My partner's apron should have arrived to her by now as I sent it FlateRate Priority......
I hope she will post a picture of the apron when she gets a chance. (sent 11/20)
Gotta love us Blonds! lol!


  1. Whew, it feels good to have it all done doesn't it! I had two swappies as well but the bonus is I will get two gift boxes in return!

  2. I so agree with you Kat, 2 Aprons..I can hardly wait to see them & display them with my other Holiday aprons....
    I swap out my hanging aprons according to seasons...
    You can peek on my blog to see some of my past Holiday swap aprons..


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