Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special delivery

What can I say other than this has been the best apron swap by far.
I say this because my apron was hand delivered all the way for California.
Yes that's right Miss Jeanie flew all the way to Alaska just to bring me my apron.
Or maybe the reason she came was that she wanted to See her family here in our small Alaskan town.
What ever the real reason was I am one lucky girl.

Look and drool girls..
This stunning apron is mine. ( insert evil laugh)
Ok it is not nice to brag.

But isn't this apron stunning.
OK back to being sweet.
Jeanie and I had the best time .
We giggle and laughed a lot!

I don't think we ever got a decent shot.
But we had fun trying.
Jeanie also brought me tons of goodies.
The word she used was one Christmas.
Every thing she gave me was wrapped in snow flake wrapping paper.
Most every thing gave me had a snow flake on it.
I am so glad that Jeanie took the time out of her vacation to meet me, it was such a neat treat..

So who's going to meet me next? LOL


  1. Awwww I wish I could visit ya dearie! Love the new apron. Lucky you!

  2. I'd have bragged too, so go ahead....:-)
    That apron is so stunning!!!
    Wouldn't it be fun to get to meet more of our swap sisters personally!!!

  3. That apron is so "YOU"!! Lucky girl!

  4. We had the "bestest" time together! I posted more photos if you want to see them! We really DID have a great time. Jen W. is a lot of fun, just as all of you would have guessed and, yes, the apron really IS her! She wears it well!

  5. Wow!!! That apron IS stunning! LOVE IT~ and even better that it was hand-delivered. Too cool!!

  6. You around for cocktails tomorrow at 7? I'll be on a plane... to try on that apron for myself hehe

  7. The apron is Gorgeous & How FUN is that to meet and spend some time with your partner!!

    I am jealous for sure:)

  8. And that's what it's all about. Have a wonderful Christmas Jenn and Jeanie!

  9. I love that apron. Totally jealous!

  10. Absolutely beautiful apron, and yes it was a special delivery to you Jen

    You are an extra special person I can tell, just by reading your often posted comments and so upbeat all the time passing on many pleasantries. You are an inspiration to many of us.


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